CPT Refresh Service

   CPT (Cahall Performance Transmissions) is now offering a "freshen up" service for any of our transmissions for a 3 year period after purchase. We already give a 6 month warranty on parts and a year on labor for our "race", and "pro race" rebuilds. This is an extra service that we feel our customers would be interested in.

   The way it works is, if you ever need any work done after your warranty is up, we'll still do a "refresh" for a small fee... Probably in the neigborhood of $250*. This will cover any clutches, bands, and "soft parts". Any "hard parts" that are replaced will still be the customers resonsibility.

   This service will work great for those who may have an engine out and would like to have the transmission gone back through if it's been in for a few years. Or if you originally bought a "race" rebuild, but are thinking about nitrous, we could upgrade to a "pro race" option for the cost of the optional parts + the $250* "freshen" fee.

   We offer this also because many racers, the bulk of our customer base, like to have their transmissions gone back through every few seasons anyway. This will set CPT customers above thier competition during and between race seasons. Our customers now have an inexpensive way of making sure they are at the top of their class and their tranny is ready for anything they can throw at it.

   + This service is only available to those who we originally built the transmissions for. +

   * Price subject to change depending on cost of materials used in your transmission, please verify the price for your transmission with us ahead of time.
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